Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Easy Spring Nail Art Tutorial

Spring Nail Art Tutorial:

Spring came. together with it comes alive and flourishing nature. we are also a part of this nature. And we, the truthful creatures, don't want to keep up with her. we wish to be with the approaching of spring even a lot of charming, lovely, and mysterious. to create our dreams come back true, to be distinctive, we provide you the design for nails "Spring Tulip”.

 1. Clear nails to cover:

To do this, take away the previous paint if it was. Provide the means that to use the makeup that you just that you perpetually in use. We recommend only that the base, paint and coating were one firm. Brush carefully plots the basic coverage.

2. Nail polish:

 Cover nail polish bright color (what you used to.) This will be the background of your picture. We have taken light pink tone nail polish.

3. A drawing:

Nail polish over a contrasting color to match what you have chosen to put the picture of tulip, while the first coat of nail polish is not dry.

4. Creating the Background:

Cover image matte varnish to match the original.

5. Application of a second pattern:

 Fine brush to design and paint, water-based paint outline tulip. We have taken the black paint. You can take a dark purple dye on pink lacquer or dark colors to match your nail polish. You can take the black paint to any nail polish.

6. Coloring petals :

Take water-based paint to match your paint and paint the tulip petals with same brush.

7. The application of gold or silver paint:

At its discretion, apply a flower gold or silver paint, where you see fit.

8. The final stage:

  Completed drawing is covered with clear varnish. Your hands are irresistible and so are you.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Nail Art tutorial

Nail Art with Rhinestones Tutorial:

Nail style with rhinestones appearance nice. Rhinestones one among the highlights in the inconsistent speed decorating nails. They’ll be decorated with all the nails, and a few nails, importantly understand once to stop. A large range of crystals spoil the appearance of a manicure. During this tutorial we tend to use the turquoise color and one strip of crystals on every  nail.
nail art tutorial image 1.1
  1. Dark blue nail polish
  2. White cosmetic pencil
  3. Turquoise cosmetic pencil with glitter
  4. Transparent (clear) nail polish
  5. Crystal Rhinestones for manicure needle  as shown in (image 1.1)
nail art tutorial image 1.2

  The preparation phase:

Prepare the nails to style for this manicure or increase the nails gel technology (or acrylic). Then wipe the nails dirt .As shown in (image 1.2)
nail art tutorial image 1.3

Applying foundation drawing:

White pencil plots the 3 semi-circulars, as shown in the figure(1.3). Do it very carefully, attempting to repeat the pattern on all nails with most precision. polish to dry.As shown in (image 1.3)

           nail art tutorial image 1.4

The Application Of  The Basic Layer Of  Nail Polish:

From smile lines to the outside of the nail, such as the one to put the nail in the base layer of dark blue nail polish. Doing it with a brush, gently fill the space between the semicircles. Hold up until the layer is dry.As shown in (image 1.4)

Nail art tutorial image 1.5

Apply a second coat of nail polish

Semi-circle on the surface, as indicated in the image  is applied with turquoise pencil turquoise paint with glitter.As shown in (image 1.5)

         Nail art tutorial image 1.6

 Apply the glue to paste :

Brush with clear varnish (or glue) hold along the nail from cuticle wavy line, which will be glued rhinestones. As shown in (image 1.6)

           Nail art tutorial image 1.7

  Application of a paste:
Until the glue has dried, Press the set of rhinestone carefully with a help of needle on the glue until they merge.As shown in (image 1.7)

           Nail art tutorial image 1.8

Applying Clear Nail polish:

At the end cover the surface of the picture and apply clear nail polish.As shown in (image 1.8)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nail Art Pictures

 Nail Art for Christmas and New Year

Decorating nails don't ignore the image and color trends of Christmas and new year's nail art. Use creative thinking, imagination and inspiration to make distinctive patterns and color combos. Properly chosen colors, fashionable styles and accessories can facilitate to make a manicure within the style and direction of the most recent fashion trends in nail art. If the winter chill oppresses you, cloudy and uninteresting nature, find out how to amuse yourself, relish the attractive photos on nails manicure and keep in top shape.
nail art -001

nail art-002

nail art-003

nail art-004

nail art-005

nail art-006

nail art-007
nail art-008
nail art-009

nail art-010
nail art-011
nail art-012
nail art-013
nail art-014
nail art-015

nail art-016
nail art-017
nail art-018
nail art-019
nail art-020

nail art-021
nail art-022
nail art-023
nail art-024

nail art-025
nail art-026
nail art-027
nail art-028
nail art-029
nail art-030
nail art-037
nail art-038
nail art-039
nail art-031
nail art-032
nail art-033
nail art-034
nail art-035
nail art-036

Nail Design Tutorial