Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Easy Spring Nail Art Tutorial

Spring Nail Art Tutorial:

Spring came. together with it comes alive and flourishing nature. we are also a part of this nature. And we, the truthful creatures, don't want to keep up with her. we wish to be with the approaching of spring even a lot of charming, lovely, and mysterious. to create our dreams come back true, to be distinctive, we provide you the design for nails "Spring Tulip”.

 1. Clear nails to cover:

To do this, take away the previous paint if it was. Provide the means that to use the makeup that you just that you perpetually in use. We recommend only that the base, paint and coating were one firm. Brush carefully plots the basic coverage.

2. Nail polish:

 Cover nail polish bright color (what you used to.) This will be the background of your picture. We have taken light pink tone nail polish.

3. A drawing:

Nail polish over a contrasting color to match what you have chosen to put the picture of tulip, while the first coat of nail polish is not dry.

4. Creating the Background:

Cover image matte varnish to match the original.

5. Application of a second pattern:

 Fine brush to design and paint, water-based paint outline tulip. We have taken the black paint. You can take a dark purple dye on pink lacquer or dark colors to match your nail polish. You can take the black paint to any nail polish.

6. Coloring petals :

Take water-based paint to match your paint and paint the tulip petals with same brush.

7. The application of gold or silver paint:

At its discretion, apply a flower gold or silver paint, where you see fit.

8. The final stage:

  Completed drawing is covered with clear varnish. Your hands are irresistible and so are you.