Monday, 3 December 2012

Nail Art tutorial

Nail Art with Rhinestones Tutorial:

Nail style with rhinestones appearance nice. Rhinestones one among the highlights in the inconsistent speed decorating nails. They’ll be decorated with all the nails, and a few nails, importantly understand once to stop. A large range of crystals spoil the appearance of a manicure. During this tutorial we tend to use the turquoise color and one strip of crystals on every  nail.
nail art tutorial image 1.1
  1. Dark blue nail polish
  2. White cosmetic pencil
  3. Turquoise cosmetic pencil with glitter
  4. Transparent (clear) nail polish
  5. Crystal Rhinestones for manicure needle  as shown in (image 1.1)
nail art tutorial image 1.2

  The preparation phase:

Prepare the nails to style for this manicure or increase the nails gel technology (or acrylic). Then wipe the nails dirt .As shown in (image 1.2)
nail art tutorial image 1.3

Applying foundation drawing:

White pencil plots the 3 semi-circulars, as shown in the figure(1.3). Do it very carefully, attempting to repeat the pattern on all nails with most precision. polish to dry.As shown in (image 1.3)

           nail art tutorial image 1.4

The Application Of  The Basic Layer Of  Nail Polish:

From smile lines to the outside of the nail, such as the one to put the nail in the base layer of dark blue nail polish. Doing it with a brush, gently fill the space between the semicircles. Hold up until the layer is dry.As shown in (image 1.4)

Nail art tutorial image 1.5

Apply a second coat of nail polish

Semi-circle on the surface, as indicated in the image  is applied with turquoise pencil turquoise paint with glitter.As shown in (image 1.5)

         Nail art tutorial image 1.6

 Apply the glue to paste :

Brush with clear varnish (or glue) hold along the nail from cuticle wavy line, which will be glued rhinestones. As shown in (image 1.6)

           Nail art tutorial image 1.7

  Application of a paste:
Until the glue has dried, Press the set of rhinestone carefully with a help of needle on the glue until they merge.As shown in (image 1.7)

           Nail art tutorial image 1.8

Applying Clear Nail polish:

At the end cover the surface of the picture and apply clear nail polish.As shown in (image 1.8)