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Christmas Gifts

New year & Christmas Gifts:

Christmas celebrate all the Christian nations of the world, these days made to travel to church and make expensive gifts to their loved ones. it's the foremost celebrated by Catholics (December 25), they're one among the best spiritual holidays of the year, marked by happiness coming Savior. Orthodox Christmas (January 7) celebrated with modesty, as more splendid is Easter, once the thrill of the Resurrection of the Lord seemed to overpower his joy of Christmas. Celebration of Christmas is preceded by a 40-day fast. Not all observe it, however the service, amazingly lovely, at the present time is visited not only believers, however several of these who are indifferent to faith.
Preparations for Christmas and at the household level begin long before the vacation. From the first of November altogether the countries of Europe and America opened mercantilism Christmas gifts, greeting cards, Christmas tree decorations and jewellery. A couple of month before the vacation, the streets come Christmas trees and countless white-bearded Santa Claus in a red suit. Additionally to the purchase of gifts for Christmas for all the family members and friends that takes lots of your time and energy, however quite fascinating, anticipates nice vacation cleaning (second-cleaning within the house held on the eve of Easter.)In the pre Christmas days are historically good Christians think about the poor and deprived. In France and Italian Republic before hung in churches special boxes, piggy banks, that down their cash to the needy, in Russia, pious individuals sent out refreshments to prisons and poorhouses, gave cash and bread, feed the poor. Today, at this time on the streets of the withdrawal of a member of the Salvation Army and alternative charitable organizations, urging individuals to create a donation. Christmas is nearly everywhere a vacation traditionally homes, in the family home once the whole family: adults, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. On Dec 24 - Christmas Eve, that falls on the fast, abstain from food made "to the stars" - in memory of the star that Christmas eve the wise men within the country, the mountains and valleys to the newborn Christ. Gala Dinner is usually lean, however with lots of totally different dishes (often symbolic number - seven, 9, 13, within the latter case, in honor of Christ and therefore the twelve apostles).

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