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Homemade henna recipes

Homemade Henna recipes

Preparation of henna at home:
Boiled water     --- 1cup
Tea                     -- 2tb-sp
Henna                ---3tb-sp
Eucalyptus oil   --- 1tb-sp
Boiled water, put tea or coffee
Strain it, leave for two hours and henna, eucalyptus oil,
Lave it for 6 to 12 hours. When often add lemon and sugar glaze. (Glaze ½ lemon + 1td sp sugar) leave for one night.

Tips to darken henna on hands & feet:
  1. Lemon juices mixed with sugar apply when henna dries.
  2. Apply Vicks

Henna natural hair dye:
        Types of hair and treatment with home

Method for hair dye for every type of hair
  1. Sufficient quantity of henna powder.  
  2. Add some warm water + Lemon juice+ yogurt.
  3. Make paste, leave it overnight. .Then in morning covers your hair with it.

For dry and brittle hair
Add some drops of mustard oil in the above given mixture

For dandruff:
 Add 2 tb.sp of yogurt in the same mixture.

For oily hair:
 Add some drop of lemon juice+ same above mixture.

For grey hair:
  Soaked handful of Amla overnight, strain it.
  Grind Amla, add henna powder, 4 tsp lemon juice, coffee,
  two raw eggs and Amla water. Form thick paste, applied on head.
  Leave it two hours and then washed.

For different tones of hair:
  1. Add coffee for red tone.
  2. Add apple cider vinegar for grey hair.
  3. For dry and damage hair add one egg,
  4. 1/2tbsp of olive oil 
  5. 1/2 tbsp of yogurt
  6. Some drops of lemon juice and chlorine for long lasting of color
Henna gives cooling effect, thickness, shinning, conditioning and
dying them beautifully


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