Thursday, 18 October 2012

simple beauty tips

Acne remedies:

What is acne:
A healthy growing complexion is the dream of every person.
BUT when you have pimples or acne on your face it decreases
you face valve.when hair sebum and skin cells form a block
and bacteria get to this we get eruption called "pimples".BUT
When fatty oil(sebum)is over produced by the sebaceous glands
causing pores to clog and bacteria to multiply in the blocked 
pores formed"Acne"


Acne commonly occurs in adolescents due to hormonal changes stimulating
glands.It may also be aggravated in later life by menstrual periods some oral contraceptive life styles and stress.

Do's and DONT's of Acne"

Do not use  medicines prescribed for peers.Do not pick at your acne lesions.Because squeezing the pimple leave a pit or a scar. Do not use oil bared foundation and make up. Shield your face while applying hair sprays or gel.Treat acne at its early stage to prevent scarring.Acne take about 4-6 months to treat,have patience and soon compliance with your doctors recommendation

HOME treatments for Acne

Drink at least 8 glass of water everyday.Apply all
best home remedies
 natural aloe vera get on the problematic area.Mix
 salt with water.Salt water is perfect for removing
 excess of oil.Apply mixture of orange peel and 
water for flawless and radiant skin.

 Home remedies for acne treatment 
1 tbsp of gram flour and pinch of turmeric powder .
Apply  it on your  face to 10 to 15 minutes and then 
washed it with water.Three servings a day of fruits and vegetables will help reduces acne.

 glycollic peels retexture the skin even out skin tone decrease superficial wrinkles line and hyper-pigmentation  leave the skin fresher cleaner and more radiant .
Steam facial
                  through this process steam gives to the face.which slowly                                                               reduces the process of acne formation and deeply cleanse the                                                                  skin.                                     

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